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How to submit the dividends tax form received in my Nomad investment account in the Brazilian Income Tax (Carnê Leão)?

There is already a withholding income tax of 30% for dividends received in the US. Therefore, you only need to report it once a year in the monthly income tax return (“Carnê-Leão”).

As a good practice, you can report the dividends received and withholding income tax paid abroad monthly, simplifying your Annual Income Tax return.

If you choose to report monthly in "Carnê-Leão," follow these steps:

  1. Enter the gross amount of dividends in the "Carnê Leão" until the last day of the month following receipt, in the income received and income tax paid sections.
  2. Import the data from "Carnê-Leão" into the Annual Income Tax Return.
  3. Report the amount of tax already paid out of the dividends received in the USA in the Annual Income Tax Return on the "Tax paid/withheld" form.


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