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Why can I not transfer funds from my investment account to my international account?

If the amount in your investment account is not available for transfer, you need to check:


1) If the amount is invested

In this case, you can request the sale:

  • To find out how to sell an asset (stocks, ETFs, and REITs), click here.
  • To find out how to sell a selected fund, click here.

After requesting the sale, the amount will be available and settled in your investment account within 1 US business day.


2) If the amount originated from an exchange in dollars to your investment account and did not meet the investment criteria

Since this operation has a reduced IOF for investment purposes, you must invest the amount to comply with the nature of the operation.

Later, according to the instructions and deadline informed in item 1, you can sell the asset, so the balance becomes available for transfers.

3) If you transferred the amount from your international account less than 6 calendar days ago

You can request the transfer back to your international account only after 6 calendar days of the amount entering your investment account.


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