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I don't recognize a charge from Uber or Uber Eats. What do I do?

Verify that this charge is the same amount as a canceled transaction that was previously canceled with the merchant.

Whenever a card is recently added or has not been used on Uber for several days, the next time it is used, the app starts charging with the title "UBR* PENDING.UBER.COM". Within 2 business days, this transaction is canceled and Uber's headquarters, located in San Francisco-CA, makes the final discount, which can be identified with the title "UBER *TRIP San FranciscoCAUS".

The same behavior occurs with Uber Eats.

It is important to note that this does not necessarily indicate that the trip occurred in San Francisco.

Therefore, we recommend that you check whether the unrecognized charge fits into this situation. In this case, it will be a charge due.

If this is a different situation, you can dispute the charge in the Nomad app by clicking on the undue charge on your statement and selecting the option Report a problem.


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