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How do I request the closing of my Nomad global account?

To close your account, you must clear your account balance and wait to complete all ongoing transactions (card payments and transfers).

After that, you can request the account closure by accessing your app in Profile > Account Settings > Close Account, and wait for the confirmation email.

To clear your balance, you can:

  • Make purchases with your Nomad Card;
  • Withdraw the available amount;
  • Send the account amount to another U.S. account;
  • Send the amount to a Brazilian account under your name via the app (minimum amount: US$80).

If you do not want to clear your balance using the above options, Nomad may charge a closing fee of up to US$10 and proceed with the account closure. This procedure will only occur for accounts with balances lower or equal to US$10.

Nomad does not charge any fees to keep your account open.



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