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How is Nomad able to recommend investments that meet my expectations and needs?

To own and use the Nomad investment account, you answer a few questions that allow us to identify your investor profile.

The investors are different in terms of objectives and risk profiles. Nomad considers this diversity in the recommendation process of your investments. Nomad has three recommendation segments:

  • Conservative: for those who are less tolerant of fluctuations in the value of their investments and choose to invest in more conservative securities;
  • Moderate: for those who are tolerant to some fluctuations in the value of their investments, considering a higher potential return;
  • Bold: for those who are highly tolerant to fluctuations in the value of their investments, focusing on a greater potential return.

At the end of the questionnaire, Nomad will assign you to one of these three profiles, and you can choose the application that best suits you.


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