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How do I send deposits from my Nomad global account to other US-based accounts?

With Nomad, you can send money to accounts at other US banks via Wire, following these steps:

  • Access the app and tap Transfer money
  • Select the option To another US bank
  • Inform who the transfer will be to: yourself or someone else
  • Enter the requested bank details: the payee’s name, which can be an individual or business account, the payee’s address (in Brazil or the US), the reason for the transfer, the Wire (ABA) Routing Number*, and the account number
  • Once this is done, you must enter the amount you want to transfer, considering a minimum of US$1 (one dollar), and confirm the transaction

*The ABA Routing Number must be specific to Wire operations.


Within 3 business days, the beneficiary will have the dollars in their account. Sending a Wire from your Nomad account costs US$10 per transaction. 

Important! Note that some US-based banks charge fees for receiving and returning these amounts. Each institution determines this charge in its terms of use, Nomad has no responsibility or action in these charges.


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