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What should I do in case of loss or theft of my Nomad physical card?

Block your card in the app and request a new one from support. We will send you a new card to the indicated address. 

The delivery cost of the 2nd copy varies according to the country in which you wish to receive the card:

  • Brazilian address: US$ 20
  • U.S. address: US$6

The amount will be debited from your account when you request the 2nd copy.

Delivery time is up to 20 calendar days to the United States and up to 15 calendar days to Brazil.

If there are any transactions you do not recognize, please report the problem through the app so the responsible team can investigate it. 

To report a suspicious transaction, click on the transaction and select “Report a Problem.” Then, you must fill out the contest form to start the dispute process with the partner bank.


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