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How can I make withdrawals with my Nomad Card?

Insert your card at the ATM and digit your password. 

It is crucial to attempt the withdrawal limits:

  • Daily withdrawal limit at the same ATM: US$500.

You can withdraw at any ATM that accepts Visa.  See the list of enabled countries here.

Withdraws at the MoneyPass ATMs network in the USA are free because MoneyPass is a Nomad partner. You can locate the MoneyPass ATMs by clicking here. 

It's important to mention that the ATM converts the amount withdrawn to the country's currency where the transaction occurs.

You can consult the limits and fees for withdrawals by clicking here.

It is also possible to withdraw at establishments that allow this operation at the cashier: request a charge greater than the amount of your purchase. Consult the establishment for more information, service availability, and the maximum amount allowed.


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