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Can I personalize different limits to my physical and virtual cards?

Yes. You can control each limit for both cards separately in the app. For example, you can keep a usage limit of US$4,000 on your physical card and US$6,000 on the virtual card. 

Just go to "Cards"> "Card you want to set the limit for"> "Daily Purchase Limit."

Remember that both card limits are shared; the sum of the two card limits of US$ 10,000/day, US$ 30,000/month, and US$ 100,00/year.

Attention: in the case of refunds sent by the merchant, it is important to check the daily purchase limits configured in your app. The limit must be compatible with the amount to be refunded, otherwise, the amount will not be credited. Cards blocked in the app or canceled cards also impact the completion of the refund.

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