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I didn't receive a transfer. What should I do?

Check the transaction receipt to see if you filled in the bank details of your Nomad global account correctly when carrying out the operation:

  • US bank name
  • Routing number (ACH or Wire)
  • Account number

Some institutions may request the address of the US bank and the beneficiary address (your registration address). 

Your account details are in the Nomad app. Tap Profile > Banking Details and select where you will receive the amount from (from another US bank or a bank in another country).

Important! There are some territories from which Nomad does not receive transfers due to our partners' internal policies. Click here to find out more.

The amount is automatically available in your balance as soon as it enters our system.

It is important to remember that any discrepancy or inconsistency in banking information may affect the receipt of the amount.

Please, remember that the institution from which the value originated is responsible for processing the operation. For this reason, Nomad does not have access to the status, tracking, or additional details of the transaction. Only the institution responsible for processing the transfer has access to this information.

If you do not receive the transfer, you must contact the originating institution for more information.


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