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When can I request a billing dispute?

You can request a dispute when you identify a billing you don't recognize on your statement. The deadline for opening this dispute is up to 60 days after the billing occurs.

Just click on the incorrect billing on your statement and select "Report a problem." You can dispute only completed transactions because the merchant can automatically return uncompleted transactions.

You can open a dispute in the following situations:

  • Fraud;
  • Card loss followed by a purchase;
  • Someone stole your card and made a purchase.

If you suspect fraud or if someone stole your card, we recommend that you block it immediately by accessing "Cards"> Virtual or Physical Card > "Temporarily Block." Please get in touch with the Nomad support team using the chat to request a new virtual card number and/or another copy of the physical card.

We recommend contacting the responsible store for problems with delivery or product quality.

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