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How do I exchange to add funds to my Nomad international account?

Add balance in reais:

Go to Add Funds > To your checking account > Add funds. 

You can access the account data to transfer (TED or Pix) from a Brazilian account in your name to the account of Ouribank, Nomad's partner in this kind of transaction. 

Remember that TED transfers work only on business days and up to 5 pm according to the official time in Brasília. 

Pix transfers do not have this limitation.


After that, convert your balance in reais to dollars:

With the values ​​in reais in your account, go to Add Funds > To your checking account to see the commercial dollar quote.

After you confirm the operation, the dollars will be available in your international account in up to 1 business day. 

The minimum amount to do this transaction is R$50 (fifty reais), and the fees are an IOF of 1.1% and an operating rate up to 2%. 


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