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How do I add money to my investment account?

There are two ways to add money to your investment account:

  1. Making an exchange operation to the investment account:

    First, add balance in reais:
    Access the app by going to Add funds > To your investment account > Balance in reais: Add funds.
    You will see your banking details to transfer the amount via TED or Pix from a Brazilian checking account in your name to your account in Banco Ourinvest, Nomad's partner in this type of operation.

    Then, exchange your balance for dollars:
    With the amount in reais in your account, reaccess the app under Add funds, enter the amount you want to exchange and tap Next.
    After confirming the operation, the dollars will be available in your investment account in up to 6 hours.

    The minimum value to carry out this operation is R$500 (five hundred reais) and the fees are an IOF of 0.38% and an operating rate of up to 2%.

  2. Transferring from the global account to the investment account

    Access the app in Investments > Add funds > Transfer money from Nomad checking account. Enter the desired amount and tap Continue.

    The deadline for completing this operation is up to 3 US business days.



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