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How to invest in a selected fund?

Just go to "Investments"> "Selected Funds."

If you have never invested before, click on "Investments"> "Get Started"> "Selected Funds."

You can browse and choose from the assets listed in the app to invest based on the risk profiles available. "Conservative", "Moderate" and "Bold".

You will see the updated market asset value by clicking on any risk profile. If interested, click "Buy" and edit the desired amount.

Then, continue and "Confirm purchase." 

It is not possible to schedule the purchase of selected funds, you must follow the guidelines above to carry out the investment.

Remember that it is possible to buy assets only when the market is open, based on the US stock market calendar:

(Eastern Standard Time - EST) Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 3 pm.

(Brasilia time - BRT) Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 6 pm.

Important! Brasilia Time is provided for reference only and may vary due to US Daylight Savings Time.

To view the NASDAQ operating calendar, click here.

For the NYSE operating calendar, click here.

It is not possible to cancel the purchase of these assets, as the financial settlement is immediate.

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